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You've find the whole planet in your hands. At Salarpuria Greenage, we've put the whole thing that subjects surrounded by your attain. Acres of lush plants with wide open green regions have this project. Quiet sitting sections, Tea gardens, friends, Well-appointed spaces for guests, and many more. Positioned close to the forthcoming eminent Hosur highway and extending across 21 acres, you'll locate expediency and time on your elevation. As a result speak leave-taking to traffic jams, rush hours as well as valuable time wasted. And utter hello to Greenage. Where the whole thing is within your attain. Masterworks are most excellent built manually.

Greenage has been imagined as a personal, urban community, gated and many more. Extending crosswise 21 acres in addition to near the new raised Hosur Road highway, Salarpuria Greenage Bangalore has been planned and conceptualized to place the whole thing within your achievement. Complete care, focus in addition to thought has been offer to each characteristic of Greenage. Precise from the region of the entry in addition to outlet points to the technique the gardens along with parks have been landed. And that's immediately the tip of the iceberg. Community amenities have been offered to make a region that gathers the daily requires of dwellers besides offering venues in addition to actions for all age groups. A number of these comprise Tea Garden, a Club House, a Townhall and a range of other top-notch facilities.


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